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Farid Hariyanto
I am dreaming of an everlasting, resting place whereby people are able to refresh Their Wonderful memory about Their loved ones. A beautiful, tranquil yet a living environment in which the past transforms into the present and mingles with the future. This planned Memorial Park is simply and truly such a dream.
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Jonathan L. Parapak
Love has no end. Life is full of memories to be cherished. Death from the human point of view is the last opportunity for us to express our appreciation and love. In a big city like Jakarta, this may prove problematic. But now, at San Diego Hills, you may fully express your creativity, your appreciation and love. A lasting memory to be cherished.
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Surjadi Soedirdja
Birth, soulmate, and death is a certainty for everybody. The hope is, it can be seen through with ease, comfort, and peace. Especially on death, from day to day specifically for those who live in big cities, its harder to find a decent place that can deliver their expectations. From now on, this is no longer a case to be worried about. It’s already available at a very spacious, beautiful and comfortable San Diego Hills.
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Tanri Abeng
San Diego Hills is a modern creation that can change people’s paradigm about cemetery. It’s concept and design unleashes environment that is comfortable, peaceful and well organized. Therefore San Diego Hills can become an eternal place for families who have planned their future home fulfilling invitation from God is a certainty which is inevitable for everybody.
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Theo Sambuaga
For all this time, the perception of cemetery as a scary place that needs to be avoided. The presence of San Diego Hills that is very well organized, calmed by Family Center Facility will change his wrong perception, and people will visit memorialize people they love in more comfortable and happier environment. That means that we can hope that the dearly departed ascend to more soothing, happier place, and still close to people he/she loved.
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Raam Punjabi
San Diego Hills Memorial Park is a great concept. I don’t know how many pay such attention while construction a cemetery but you have thought about taking care of people even when they are physically not among us any more. I was impressed by the serenity and greenery of the park. The facilities to help families when they gather to pay respect to their ancestors is also unique. The whole effort reflect attention and care the loved ones deserve even as they rest in place
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Rima Melati
It has a long timelag for me to discover such a final resting place. A place where we can feel the ambiance of a near relationship with God, the Creator. Such place is well known as a heaven, a place where I would love to be in when the time comes.
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  • Josep Karmin
    Age 82 Years
    Date Passed 10/04/2021
    Date Burial 13/07/2024 10:00:00
    Mansion Mt. Sinai SB.E23-2
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  • Alvin Siagian
    Age 60 Years
    Date Passed 15/09/2020
    Date Burial 11/07/2024 11:00:00
    Mansion Al Jamil SB.L21-2
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  • Ekawati Parman
    Age 82 Years
    Date Passed 03/07/2021
    Date Burial 05/07/2024 10:00:00
    Mansion Adoration SP.G05A-2
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  • Titik Panggoelati
    Age 79 Years
    Date Passed 14/07/2021
    Date Burial 23/06/2024 10:00:00
    Mansion Charity SB.R12-5
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  • Helman Jony Situru, Drs
    Age 65 Years
    Date Passed 22/01/2021
    Date Burial 19/06/2024 11:00:00
    Mansion Light SB.H55-3
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