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Lakshmi Sekar
The End of The Hill, The Peak of Life At San Diego Hills Memorial Park “It was a month ago, a decent life builder, my guru, my good friend and a good father, passed away peacefully on December 2nd 2010 surrounded by families and many others. He had lived his life with one start for many good things he could possibly encounter for the grace of others. He remained humble until the end from his very first start. He had seen the world enough, filled up his life and got his duty done not only for himself but others. His charisma remains in the space of many hearts whom have known him. His charm had enchanted many enthusiastic spirits in many places he had been in the world. May He Rest In Peace Trailed By Sincere Prayers From Family and Many Others. An open space up on the hill with a peaceful scenery was his personal wish of his last Home. He wanted to be buried peacefully with a little touch of his last artistic ideas. He knew he would need No physical grandeur in his final rest but sincere prayers in decent way and therefore had left us here a symbolic eternity.   A Beautiful Place For A Final Peaceful Rest at San Diego Hills Memorial Park. May His Spirit Be Surrounded by Many Angels Heading To The Open Gate of Heaven.”   I will miss you, Papa... There will be a time when we all be meeting up again one day. THANK YOU to have brought us up here to the point of our own life and we will be continuing your spirit and enthusiasms. With Sincere Prayers For You and Thoughts of You Always, Papa.     Lakshmi Sekar (second daughter of Mr. Raharto) || San Diego Hills Memorial Park - Marketing San Diego Hills siap melayani Kedukaan dan Kebutuhan lahan Pemakaman Anda.
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  • Oral Daniel Yusak
    Age 34 Years
    Date Passed 30/06/2001
    Date Burial 06/11/2021 11:00:00
    Mansion Humming Bird SB.N30-5
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  • Ir. Bernhard Lumban Tobing, SE
    Age 61 Years
    Date Passed 18/01/1994
    Date Burial 31/10/2021 12:00:00
    Mansion Serenity SP.AD06A-1
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  • Drs Madju Lomban Tobing
    Age 74 Years
    Date Passed 18/10/2021
    Date Burial 20/10/2021 12:00:00
    Mansion Crown SB.G23-6
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  • Ir. Hiskak Secakusuma
    Age 84 Years
    Date Passed 15/10/2021
    Date Burial 20/10/2021 10:00:00
    Mansion Serenity PE.AE15-2
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  • Agustini handojo
    Age 55 Years
    Date Passed 16/10/2021
    Date Burial 19/10/2021 02:00:00
    Mansion Breath Of Life CL.B2-2
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